Saturday, March 21, 2009

Preface by Son Brad, "Chief of Stuff"

Hi. Welcome to Jud Presmont's blog, which he calls “The Museum of Utopian Art”. This “museum” is part of a virtual institution called “WAKE Free U” (more about that later in subsequent blogs).

I am called "Son Brad" because my first name is Brad and years ago I asked Jud if he would adopt me as his son. Jud has also given me the title "chief of stuff" because, well, I help him by doing a lot of stuff.

Now I can see the smile come over your face and hear you say something like “Jud and Brad, you should put the pipe down....”

It's true this blog will absolutely boggle and challenge your mind. Whether sober or straight this blog is a romp from the flower power of the 1960s to the creation of a “Flower Power Sales Force” currently and beyond as envisioned by the sci-fi fantasy movie “Back to the Future”.

First, let me offer you a little background info on Bro Jud. I've known Jud for about 15 years now. I was a member and minister of a metaphysical church in San Francisco. Jud attended the various services, classes, liturgies, and socials held by this church. He and I first met there met in the early 1990s.

Prior to attending this church Jud had been the founder of a “flower power tribe” that originated in the 1950s. Jud started a communal organization called the “Kerista tribe” or “Kerista villagers”. (Kerista is a mythical goddess who jumps out of a comic strip -- but that's another story I'll save for later in another blog piece.)

From the 1950s up to the present the Kerista tribe has morphed into and gone through many changes and iterations. At its pinnacle, throughout the 1980s to the early 1990s, the Kerista commune – “K-12”, as it was called -- consisted of over 20 participants who lived communally.

K-12 reached the zenith of its 21-year run by becoming the first Northern California distributer of Apple Macintosh computers. K-12 members also appeared on The Phil Donahue Show to share the philosophy and lifestyle of the Kerista tribe.

Fortunately or unfortunately – depending on your point of view – the Kerista commune disbanded in 1991. As is the case with many “divorces” there was emotional pain and suffering. Some describe the breakup in terms of betrayal and duplicity and even swindle. But the Kerista tribe moves on.

Today – K-13 – is comprised of members who are location independent and committed (or not) to other adult persons of straight, bi, lesbian, or gay (K-13 does not yet have a transgendered member) or celibate (can you imagine that?) relationships.

Jud currently has a brain trust of a dozen or so members. Each member offers his or her talent(s), intellectual gifts, and enthusiasm to further the ultimate cause of establishing safe, orderly neighborhoods all over the world. He refers to this goal as “Project S.O.N.” Neither he nor other members suggest a communistic, fascist, or other totalitarian form of governance and resource sharing. To the contrary Jud and other members envision a techno-utopia that nourishes the human spirit, mind, and body of everyone on the planet. “Voluntary communalism” is the best economic description of Project S.O.N.

What one wants or desires for oneself s/he also wants and desires for others. At this moment in history we have the opportunity to rid ourselves of all unnecessary suffering. The first goal is to eliminate abject poverty. There is absolutely no reason for people to go without clean drinking water. There is absolutely no reason (other than greed and the need to exert power over others) for people to lack the essential things in life such as food, shelter, clothing, education, and good health care.

Our planet also has needs. We stress the planet's immune system with our pollution and ecological destruction. We need to develop further ways and means to reduce the negative impact humankind has on our planet's eco systems. This blog addresses environmental issues as well as humanitarian.

Jud believes he has a plan to bring prosperity and everlasting peace on earth, indeed to create paradise on earth. He presents a comprehensive and detailed plan. Because of the sheer enormity of what he proposes his plan is sometimes difficult to grasp. Naturally, Jud calls this plan, “The Presmont Plan.” Throughout this blog his plan to bring utopia to humankind is laid out and explained.

I invite you now to relax and read the following pages with an open mind and to enjoy Jud's blog, the "Museum of Utopian Art”.

Best wishes and Cheers,
Son Brad
Chief of Stuff

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  1. Well, fascinating as well as confusing. There is so much to learn, so many people to meet, so much to do...and I am old, old, old. But I am a writer and can one 'sell' poetry, it has to be 'wanted.'
    Also, the computer allows one to learn so much... first, there is google -- and now one can take any of the classes at MIT for FREE! What more can one want!! Life is good, even in spite of all the horrors of people losing their jobs and all the other terrible things because the bush gang set out to ruin our country and take over 'the world' through their nasty group,P.N.A.C.
    I am an ancient hippy, a writer/poet living at last in my 'spiritual' home in San Francisco and writing poetry in a great poetry group.
    Peggy Cartwright